Le Roy

My car's plastic headlight lens have become so dull due to the effects of oxidation that they became translucent. I could no longer see the headlight bulbs or its reflectors. So, I went to my nearby auto parts store and purchased a Headlight Restoration Kit to repair the problem. After following the kit manufacturer's directions three times, I was not satisfied with the final results of my efforts. I made up my mind to accept the expense to replace both headlights. Weeks later, I got the idea to try that stuff I had on hand, Bust A Move. It can't hurt, right. After all, I intend to replace the lamps anyhow. After applying Bring It On Cleaner just one time, as directed, Bust A Move Cleaner removed that unwanted oxidation from the plastic lens. The headlight lens then became transparent. I could then see the bulb and it's reflector. Of course, I was so happy that I immediately started work on the other headlight and I was just as pleased of the final results that I accomplished using Bust A Move Cleaner. Now I don't have to buy a new set of headlights. Thank you, for a product that really works well.
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